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04.26.2016 Mental Floss

Thrilled Rich Barrett chose "Neela to the Infinite Power" from Ivar, Timewalker #4, one of my very own personal favorites of my own stories, as one of "The 13 Most Interesting Time Travel Stories in Comics". What a list!

01.15.2016 Seattle Times

Congratulations to Ghostlight Theatricals, whose production of Crystal Skillman's & my play King Kirby earned a rave in the Seattle Times!

10.06.2015 Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy

Flattered my short story "Neversleeps" was selected as a notable story for this year's BASF&F collection by series editor John Joseph Adams! Quite an honor.

05.05.2015 Marvel

Very cool to see a character co-created by Greg Pak and I in Incredible Hercules -- Helen Cho -- make her appearance in the blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron. interviews me and a bunch of great comics creators about the experience of seeing our creations up on screen.

01.19.2015 io9

Our pals at io9 have the complete first issue of my new series from Valiant, Ivar, Timewalker up for free -- make with the clicky!

01.13.2015. Publishers Weekly

Excited to announced that Evil Twin Comics, the company helmed by my Action Philosophers and Comic Book History of Comics compadre Ryan Dunlavey and I, have signed a four-book deal with Harper Collins Childrens publishing to produce at least four volumes of our Action Presidents series, beginning with OGN biographies of Washington and Lincoln in 2017.

12.18.2014 New York Times

Very cool King Kirby gets a shout-out in the Times' Best of 2014 in Theater roundup: "Not only was Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente’s KING KIRBY a supple, knowing account of the life of the influential comic artist Jack Kirby, but it was also a fine showcase for Steven Rattazzi, poignant in the leading role." Thanks to Andy Webster for the kind words.

10.09.2014 VICE

As part of the "Hidden Language" series, Nat Towsen asked me to explain the "Hidden Language of Comic Book Writers." Does this mean I'm out of the Magicians Alliance?

09.12.2014 The AV Club

Oliver Sava does a great job surveying the YA science project series Howtoons, focusing on Howtoons: [Re]Ignition, the latest energy literacy and adventure installment I'm doing with Tom Fowler, Jordie Bellaire, and Rus Wooten.

The 2014 Harvey Awards

Very happy and humbled that Archer & Armstrong picked up three nominations this year: Special Award for Humor in Comics, Most Promising New Talent in artist Pere Perez, and, what I'm most proud of, Best Continuing or Limited Series.

07.15.2014 The Hollywood Reporter

Great news out of Hollywood that the Sean Daniel Company (The Best Man Holiday, the upcoming Ben Hur and The Mummy) is teaming with Valiant Comics to bring Clayton Henry's and my version of Archer & Armstrong to the screen. io9 explains why it could be "the next great comic book movie."

06.23.2014 The New York Times

Andy Webster gave a great review to my wife Crystal Skillman's and my play King Kirby, which appeared at the 2014 Comic Book Theater Festival from June 20-29. Within thirty-six hours of the review running in the newspaper, the entire run sold out! We couldn't have done this without the great backers who pledged funds to us through our Kickstarter -- you can watch our video below.

For more on King Kirby, check out these interviews with us in The Village Voice and TDF Stages and a podcast at the great Word Balloon by John Siuntres.

06.04.2014 USA Today

Nothing warms my heart more than to see my name paired with the words "Hobo Treasure". So you can see why Brian Truitt's article about the Archer & Armstrong & Quantum & Woody crossover The Delinquents co-written by James Asmus & me warms the proverbial cockles of my heart.

06.02.2014 The Huffington Post

I contributed to this survey of the Weird Western genre on Huffington Post to support the anthology I contributed to, Dead Man's Hand.

05.31.2014 Nerdist Writers Panel

One of the best podcasts I've ever done, Ben Blacker takes me through the beginning of my career with Cowboys & Aliens and moves through Magnus, Action Philosophers, Incredible Hercules and more. Give it a listen!

05.20.20014 Lightspeed Magazine

My short story "Willful Weapon" is featured in the May issue, set in the same world as "Neversleeps" in the anthology Dead Man's Hand.

05.10.20014 John Joseph Adams

The great editor has me interviewed about the high fantasy-meets-19th-century-America world of "Neversleeps", my short story in his upcoming Weird Western anthology Dead Man's Hand.

05.05.2014 Reddit AMA

This Ask Me Anything was even better than the last one -- check out all the great questions, from how to break in, my favorite works, my favorite current comics, and discussions of Brain Boy, Archer & Armstrong, Taskmaster and more.

04.25.2014 The Nerdist

Too cool: Amy Ratcliffe has an exclusive preview of the American Sign Language (ASL)-inspired font lettering maestro Nate Piekos came up with for our 2014 Free Comic Book Day offering, Project Black Sky.

03.27.2014 The Nerdist

A cool interview with Dan Casey about the climactic arc of my run on Valiant's Archer & Armstrong, the movie/music conspiracy-themed "American Wasteland".

01.17.2014 Comic Book Resources

As part of CBR's "Year of the Horse" coverage, I'm talking about all my many new titles for Dark Horse Comics, including Project Black Sky, Conan the Avenger, Brain Boy II and new editions of classics like Action Philosophers and The Silencers.

10.13.2013 The Hollywood Reporter

Very happy to be working with Dynamite Comics and Dreamworks Pictures to revive the classic science fiction comic MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER 4000AD with soon-to-be-superstar artist Cory Smith. Check out the amazing Gabriel Hardman cover to #1 above.

10.10.13 YouTube

OK, I may be just a tad biased, but this fan-made Archer & Armstrong trailer could be possibly be the greatest thing I've ever seen:

10.08.2013 AM New York

I dispense crucial wisdom about surviving the always-awesome New York Comic Con and talk about the city's (significant) influence on my writing.

09.13.2013 Critical Hits: A Journal of Gamer Culture

I thought this was super cool: Dave Chalker adapted Francis Portela's and my book MODOK's 11 into an adventure/module (or as they call it, an "event") for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Check it out, it's tons of fun.

09.10.2013 USA Today

"Psychic jerk with a heart of gold" is the headline in which Brian Truitt brilliantly sums up the new Brain Boy on-going series from Dark Horse -- we chat about it in this interview.

08.15.2013 Comics Alliance

Artist/co-creator Reilly Brown and I discuss bringing our comics re-imagination of the legend of Saint George to Dark Horse Presents beginning with issue #30 in November.

06.25.2013 Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Very proud to be raising donations for a great charity like CBLDF with a special GI Joe #5 variant cover from retailer supporter Heroes & Fantasies -- and a special signing with me in San Antonio to celebrate.

06.06.2013 New York Post

Enjoyed talking to Dan Greenfield of the "Parallel Worlds" blog about the new arc of Archer & Armstrong, the nature of conspiracy theory, and being an NYC creator.

06.04.2013 Trip City

Always fun when my lovely wife Crystal Skillman and I are interviewed together: Me about comics, her about playwriting. Stick it in your ears!

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