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what I write

For a long time I maintained a complete checklist of my works here, but, uh ... I write a lot of stuff, and it just became unwieldy. That, and Marvel Comics, who published me for many years, completely changed their database, making most of their links obsolete.

When it comes to individual books I've written, your best place to look is my Amazon author's page.

When it comes to comic books you can buy on-line, check out my creator's page on Comixology.

For a straight-up bibliography of all the comics I've written, the crack team of obsessive nerds at Grand Comics Database have a stupidly exhaustive list.

fvl: the early years

That said, parked here at this site is some super-obscure stuff you can't really get anywhere else:


Steve Ellis and I first tried to get into the SPX anthology in 1999 with this parody comic, which I guess was even too superhero-y for the editors, who rejected it. Can the Conservative Cruader hope to prevail when the Liberal Legion bands together to destroy him? Will our winged wonder be able to continue his neverending battle for truth, justice, and a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?

Cthulhu Tract

At the 2000 SPX, Steve and I thought we'd satirize the Jack Chick-style religious comic. The results gets rediscovered every so year by the Internet, which is fairly amusing. Getting tongue-tied trying to explain why you were up on Messenger Hill on Walpurgisnacht covered in blood? Help is on the way in the form of this relgious tract comic book you can hand to your friends, loved ones or mental health professional.

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