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04.26.2016 Mental Floss

Thrilled Rich Barrett chose "Neela to the Infinite Power" from Ivar, Timewalker #4, one of my very own personal favorites of my own stories, as one of "The 13 Most Interesting Time Travel Stories in Comics". What a list!

01.15.2016 Seattle Times

Congratulations to Ghostlight Theatricals, whose production of Crystal Skillman's & my play King Kirby earned a rave in the Seattle Times!

10.06.2015 Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy

Flattered my short story "Neversleeps" was selected as a notable story for this year's BASF&F collection by series editor John Joseph Adams! Quite an honor.

05.05.2015 Marvel

Very cool to see a character co-created by Greg Pak and I in Incredible Hercules -- Helen Cho -- make her appearance in the blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron. interviews me and a bunch of great comics creators about the experience of seeing our creations up on screen.

01.19.2015 io9

Our pals at io9 have the complete first issue of my new series from Valiant, Ivar, Timewalker up for free -- make with the clicky!

01.13.2015. Publishers Weekly

Excited to announced that Evil Twin Comics, the company helmed by my Action Philosophers and Comic Book History of Comics compadre Ryan Dunlavey and I, have signed a four-book deal with Harper Collins Childrens publishing to produce at least four volumes of our Action Presidents series, beginning with OGN biographies of Washington and Lincoln in 2017.

12.18.2014 New York Times

Very cool King Kirby gets a shout-out in the Times' Best of 2014 in Theater roundup: "Not only was Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente’s KING KIRBY a supple, knowing account of the life of the influential comic artist Jack Kirby, but it was also a fine showcase for Steven Rattazzi, poignant in the leading role." Thanks to Andy Webster for the kind words.

10.09.2014 VICE

As part of the "Hidden Language" series, Nat Towsen asked me to explain the "Hidden Language of Comic Book Writers." Does this mean I'm out of the Magicians Alliance?

09.12.2014 The AV Club

Oliver Sava does a great job surveying the YA science project series Howtoons, focusing on Howtoons: [Re]Ignition, the latest energy literacy and adventure installment I'm doing with Tom Fowler, Jordie Bellaire, and Rus Wooten.

The 2014 Harvey Awards

Very happy and humbled that Archer & Armstrong picked up three nominations this year: Special Award for Humor in Comics, Most Promising New Talent in artist Pere Perez, and, what I'm most proud of, Best Continuing or Limited Series.

07.15.2014 The Hollywood Reporter

Great news out of Hollywood that the Sean Daniel Company (The Best Man Holiday, the upcoming Ben Hur and The Mummy) is teaming with Valiant Comics to bring Clayton Henry's and my version of Archer & Armstrong to the screen. io9 explains why it could be "the next great comic book movie."

06.23.2014 The New York Times

Andy Webster gave a great review to my wife Crystal Skillman's and my play King Kirby, which appeared at the 2014 Comic Book Theater Festival from June 20-29. Within thirty-six hours of the review running in the newspaper, the entire run sold out! We couldn't have done this without the great backers who pledged funds to us through our Kickstarter -- you can watch our video below.

For more on King Kirby, check out these interviews with us in The Village Voice and TDF Stages and a podcast at the great Word Balloon by John Siuntres.

06.04.2014 USA Today

Nothing warms my heart more than to see my name paired with the words "Hobo Treasure". So you can see why Brian Truitt's article about the Archer & Armstrong & Quantum & Woody crossover The Delinquents co-written by James Asmus & me warms the proverbial cockles of my heart.

06.02.2014 The Huffington Post

I contributed to this survey of the Weird Western genre on Huffington Post to support the anthology I contributed to, Dead Man's Hand.

05.31.2014 Nerdist Writers Panel

One of the best podcasts I've ever done, Ben Blacker takes me through the beginning of my career with Cowboys & Aliens and moves through Magnus, Action Philosophers, Incredible Hercules and more. Give it a listen!

05.20.20014 Lightspeed Magazine

My short story "Willful Weapon" is featured in the May issue, set in the same world as "Neversleeps" in the anthology Dead Man's Hand.

05.10.20014 John Joseph Adams

The great editor has me interviewed about the high fantasy-meets-19th-century-America world of "Neversleeps", my short story in his upcoming Weird Western anthology Dead Man's Hand.

05.05.2014 Reddit AMA

This Ask Me Anything was even better than the last one -- check out all the great questions, from how to break in, my favorite works, my favorite current comics, and discussions of Brain Boy, Archer & Armstrong, Taskmaster and more.

04.25.2014 The Nerdist

Too cool: Amy Ratcliffe has an exclusive preview of the American Sign Language (ASL)-inspired font lettering maestro Nate Piekos came up with for our 2014 Free Comic Book Day offering, Project Black Sky.

03.27.2014 The Nerdist

A cool interview with Dan Casey about the climactic arc of my run on Valiant's Archer & Armstrong, the movie/music conspiracy-themed "American Wasteland".

01.17.2014 Comic Book Resources

As part of CBR's "Year of the Horse" coverage, I'm talking about all my many new titles for Dark Horse Comics, including Project Black Sky, Conan the Avenger, Brain Boy II and new editions of classics like Action Philosophers and The Silencers.

10.13.2013 The Hollywood Reporter

Very happy to be working with Dynamite Comics and Dreamworks Pictures to revive the classic science fiction comic MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER 4000AD with soon-to-be-superstar artist Cory Smith. Check out the amazing Gabriel Hardman cover to #1 above.

10.10.13 YouTube

OK, I may be just a tad biased, but this fan-made Archer & Armstrong trailer could be possibly be the greatest thing I've ever seen:

10.08.2013 AM New York

I dispense crucial wisdom about surviving the always-awesome New York Comic Con and talk about the city's (significant) influence on my writing.

09.13.2013 Critical Hits: A Journal of Gamer Culture

I thought this was super cool: Dave Chalker adapted Francis Portela's and my book MODOK's 11 into an adventure/module (or as they call it, an "event") for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Check it out, it's tons of fun.

09.10.2013 USA Today

"Psychic jerk with a heart of gold" is the headline in which Brian Truitt brilliantly sums up the new Brain Boy on-going series from Dark Horse -- we chat about it in this interview.

08.15.2013 Comics Alliance

Artist/co-creator Reilly Brown and I discuss bringing our comics re-imagination of the legend of Saint George to Dark Horse Presents beginning with issue #30 in November.

06.25.2013 Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Very proud to be raising donations for a great charity like CBLDF with a special GI Joe #5 variant cover from retailer supporter Heroes & Fantasies -- and a special signing with me in San Antonio to celebrate.

06.06.2013 New York Post

Enjoyed talking to Dan Greenfield of the "Parallel Worlds" blog about the new arc of Archer & Armstrong, the nature of conspiracy theory, and being an NYC creator.

06.04.2013 Trip City

Always fun when my lovely wife Crystal Skillman and I are interviewed together: Me about comics, her about playwriting. Stick it in your ears!

02.20.2013 Comixology

I had a great time talking GI Joe and Archer & Armstrong with Matt Kolowski in-studio at the Comixology offices -- and both those series, in fact, along with many others, are available digitally on their app.

02.09.2013 Robot 6

As part of their Robot Roulette series, I get six randomly generated questions and the answers range the gamut from growing up in the same town as Bill Watterson, getting fired a lot, time travel, my morning routine to how I use music to help me work: Enjoy.

12.11.2012 MTV News

Valerie Gallaher talks to me about the new storyarc debuting in this week's Archer & Armstrong #5: "The Wrath of the Eternal Warrior," featuring a new faction of the Sect, a new threat in the form of Armstrong's fellow immortal brother Gilad, and the truth behind global warming: It's not a hoax! It's a conspiracy!

11.21.2012 Boing Boing

Lots of fun being the guest on this week's Gweek podcast hosted by Maker magazine editor Mark Frauenfelder along with blogger Michael Pusateri. Give it a listen.

11.15.2012 USA Today

Brian Truitt debriefs me about my upcoming run on IDW Publishing's GI Joe monthly, deploying with a new #1 in February.

10.23.2012 Reddit AMA

Had great fun participating in Reddit's weekly comic Ask Me Anything (AMA). Full transcript is at the link above. They persuaded me to post one of my scripts -- for the one-shot MARVEL ZOMBIES HALLOWEEN. Hope y'all find it enlightening.

09.14.2012 Nerdist Network

A great LIVE! podcast from the packed theater of Comic Book Club, in which Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons and I talk about the whole line, including the return of Eternal Warrior to the pages of my title, Archer & Armstrong. Features an absolutely awesome live performance by Pearl and the Beard -- give it a listen!

09.06.2012 Kotaku

Very pleased I can at last announce the game I've been working on for the last year-plus (and counting) is Avengers Initiative, a fighter for iOS and Android with the first installment starring the Hulk (with three more heroes to follow). Kotaku gives us a very nice review here, calling it "almost the strongest portable game there is."

07.13.2012 The Gameological Society

Derrick Sanskrit interviews me about my gaming habits and we hint at some of my upcoming video game work.

06.28.2012 The Washington Post

Matt Moore of the Associated Press talked to artist Clayton Henry and I about the One Percent, the devil-worshipping Wall Street cult that will be the bad guys in the first arc of our ARCHER & ARMSTRONG revival.

06.11.2012 iFanboy

Very pleased The Comic Book History of Comics was named Book of the Month.

03.09.2012 USA Today

I am thrilled to announce I'm joining the Valiant Comics relaunch by reviving one of the most beloved buddy books of all time, Archer & Armstrong. Check out as well a great interview I did at CBR about the project, with great designs from David Aja and series artist (and my Incredible Hercules compadre) Clayton Henry.

12.16.2011 Comic Book Resources

Artist Tom Fowler and I are interviewed about our original graphic novel HULK: SEASON ONE, debuting from Marvel September 2012. Smash from the beginning!

12.06.2011 Comics Should Be Good

Another magical time was had at the sixth (I can hardly believe it) Fred Van Lente Day at Comic Book Resources/CSBG. The highlights were a fantastic chat about comics history and piracy where artist Steve Lieber came by to talk about the ramifications of the (in)famous Underground/4Chan incident. We were also happy to announce that Comic Book Comics by Ryan Dunlavey and myself will be collected and published by the fine folks at IDW as The Comic Book History of Comics in May 2012. Also: Feast your eyes on the first five pages of Renaissance, the graphic novel I'm creating with obscenely talented artist Sarah Oleksyk.

09.29.2011 The Brooklyn Paper

As the sold out run of the theatrical run of Ryan Dunlavey's and my Action Philosophers returns to the Brick Theater next month, check out this interview with me and playwright Crystal Skillman.

09.17.2011 CBLDF

My frequent collaborator Greg Pak and I kick off this semester of CBLDF's Comics College with an afternoon seminar on the Secrets of Self-Publishing. Come on out, learn something, have a good time, and contribute to a worthy cause.

06.24.2011 Yahoo News

As the big-screen adaptation of my OGN Cowboys & Aliens nears theaters, Yahoo talks to me about comics, film, Westerns, science fiction and giving aliens humanity.

05.12.2011 Slate

A story on one of the more bizarre outgrowths of Clayton Henry's Incredible Hercules run, the "Cool Story, Bro" meme.

05.05.2011 Comics Alliance

I try not to post reviews here, but this longform assessment of one of my favorite things I've ever done, Taskmaster: Unthinkable is very flattering and fun to read.

05.04.2011 USA Today

Read the first 9pp of the brand new Alpha Flight #1 from Greg Pak, Dale Eaglesham and I here.

04.06.2011 AM New York

The 2011 MoCCA Arts Festival is this weekend, and AM New York declares Comic Book Comics #5 by Ryan Dunlavey and I is one of the festival's top premieres.

02.19.2011 The Toronto Star

Canada's largest on-line news source interviews me and my collaborators Greg Pak and Dale Eaglesham about the return of Alpha Flight under our guidance.

02.01.2010 USA Today

Brian Truitt has the full scoop on my official -- and, for the first chapter, FREE -- prequel to the Captain America: The First Avenger film, First Vengeance, debuting on Super Bowl Sunday.

12.06.2010 Comics Should Be Good

It's CSBG's fifth annual Fred Van Lente Day, the highlight of which for me were these different artists' intrepreations on the theme "Cowboys & Aliens".

10.14.2010 New York Times Bestseller List

Odd Is On Our Side, the graphic novel collaboration between Dean Koontz, Queenie Chan and myself, debuts at #1 on the softcover list! Thanks to all the readers for their support.

10.08-11.2010 New York Comic-Con

Where to Find me: Mostly I will be at my Artist's Alley Table, #C1. Otherwise:
Friday, 5:30pm-6:30pm Psychology of Spider-Man panel, Room 1A17
Satuday, 10:30-11:30 Signing Odd Is On Our Side, Del Rey, Booth #2223; 12:30-1:30pm Signing Marvel booth, #1843
Sunday, 1:15pm-2:15pm Marvel Next Big Thing panel, Room 1A06

08.06.2010 The New York Observer

I'm speaking at Governors Island on Sunday, August 8 on "Keemia's Castle," the two-part AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story I set there and Javier Pulido illustrated, with selections from Paolo Rivera's photo reference.

06.25.2010 Attack of the Show on G4

Blair Butler of "Fresh Ink" announces the next chapter of me & Greg Pak's INCREDIBLE HERCULES saga: CHAOS WAR, which begins this October:

06.06.2010 New York Times Review of Books

A very nice review of Action Philosophers (among others) as part of the NYT's summer comics roundup.

04.22.2010 San Francisco Chronicle

"Asian Pop" columnist Jeff Yang interviews my cohort Greg Pak about Amadeus Cho and our upcoming series, Heroic Age: Prince of Power.

03.09.2010 Comics Alliance

I'm very proud to announce my Exclusive contract with Marvel Comics. For the full details, plus the fate of self-published works like ACTION PHILOSOPHERS and COMIC BOOK COMICS (short answer: business-as-usual), click on the above.

02.04.2010 New York Times Bestseller List

You just can't keep the super-undead down: Marvel Zombies Return debuts at #7.

01.28.2010 Deadline: Hollywood

I'm thrilled that current James Bond Daniel Craig is joining the cast of the big-screen adaptation of my graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens.

01.14.2010 NPR

I had the privilege of going on New Hampshire NPR's "Word of Mouth" program to plug the Complete Action Philosophers. Give it a listen.

12.31.2009 Best Comics of 2009

As my cohort Greg Pak says, Incredible Hercules made "about a million Best of 2009 lists", including at Comics Alliance, the Austin American Statesman, Comic Related, Comic Book Resources, and Best Shots. Thanks to Newsarama for nominating Pak & me as Favorite Writer(s).

And thanks to Comixtreme for naming Action Philosophers as one of the Best of the Decade.

12.24.2009 Bill Baker Presents...

The arrival of the Complete Action Philosophers is an occassion for the esteemed comics journalist to sit down with me for a lengthy chat.

12.06.2009 Comics Should Be Good

The annual Fred Van Lente Day tradition continues at CSBG. My favorites from this year are the list of favorite INCREDIBLE HERCULES SFX and this touching holiday portrait.

11.19.2009 New York Times Bestseller List

We're back, this time for MARVEL ZOMBIES 4, which debuts at #4 (appropriately enough).

11.09.2009 Midtown Comics Podcast

I do a podcast in an actual comic book store! That's a first. And it came out real nice, too -- Have a listen.

10.24.2009 Gosh London

Looking forward to my first-ever signing outside the US!

10.15.2009 Newsarama: Change of Pace

A very nice assessment of me and Pak's INCREDIBLE HERCULES from Troy Brownfield.

09.01.2009 The Hollywood Reporter

Iron Man director Jon Favreau is set to direct star Robert Downey Jr. in the big-screen adaptation of my graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens!

08.10.2009 Talking Comics @ Robot 6

A fun, career-spanning interview with Tim O'Shea. Check it out!

08.08.2009 Chicago Comic-Con

Continuing this summer's Big Announcements: Get ready this November for the massive HERCULES crossover, Assault on New Olympus! Welcome Spidey, Agents of Atlas, Ares, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers and more to the party!

08.03.2009 Comixology

ACTION PHILOSOPHERS and COMIC BOOK COMICS are now available for download to your iPhone through the Apple iTunes Store (along with me and Steve Ellis' THE SILENCERS) thanks to our pals at Comixology, and Ryan Dunlavey and I go onto their podcast to talk about it.

07.23.2009 San Diego Comic Con International

The big news out of SDCC regarding Yours Truly is that Dennis Calero and I will be re-teaming for a new installment in the X Men Noir saga: Mark of Cain, starting this December!

06.21.2009 Wizard World Phialdelphia

Big announcements regarding my Marvel work in Philly -- including Amazing Spider-Man and Marvel Zombies Return!

05.21.2009 Halopedia

The clearinghouse for Halography interviews me about the upcoming original comics series Halo: Spartan Black. Best part? I now have my own Halopedia entry and everything.

05.08.2009 Weekly Webbing

As part of Newsarama's weekly Spider-Man feature, I lay out the gang war between The Hood and Chinatown in the pages of this June's Dark Reign: Mr. Negative.

05.05.2009 Rolling Stone

The music industry covers the Eminem vs. Punisher comic I did with Salvador Larroca. The first half appears in this month's XXL Magazine and the story concludes at Marvel Digital Comics. (You can read the first half on-line -- for free! -- there too.)

04.24.2009 New York Times Bestseller List

We made the list again, this time with Marvel Zombies 3!

03.25.2009 NPR

A very nice write-up of Comic Book Comics by Glen Weldon.

03.05.2009 New York Times Bestseller List

The NYT debuts its long-awaited Graphic Novels bestseller list, which is cool, and Incredible Hercules: Love and War debuts at #8 in hardcover, which is even cooler!

02.22.2009 Robot 6

I tell the Sixers "What I'm Reading" as part of their regular feature.

UPDATED AGAIN -- 02.14.2009! 12.10.2008 Wired

It was terrific to learn of the sellout and second printing of X Men Noir #1 on the same day artist/co-creator Dennis Calero and I went to went to Jim Hanley's Universe in NYC to do a signing.

X Men Noir #2 sold out and will return with a second printing too! Thanks to all the readers for their support.

NEW! THREEPEAT! X Men Noir #3 sells out too!

01.22.2008 Comic Monsters

A sneak peak of Marvel Zombies 4 with the Big Bad Wolf!

01.02.2009 CBR's Best 100 Comics of 2008

In a poll of CBR's staff and contributors, Incredible Hercules came in #7 out of the Best 100 Comics of 2008. iHerc was also named Best Revamp of 2008 by Wizard Magazine and made the Best of 2008 list at ComicsBulletins and Newsarama, too. Thanks from the whole creative team!

01.01.2009 Why I Love Comics

Many thanks to WILC for selecting me to head their Best Writer category for 2008.

12.29.2008 X-Addiction

A podcast plunging deep into the grey world of X Men Noir with hosts Paul and Antony.

12.06.2008 Comics Should Be Good

It's the FOURTH -- count 'em! Fourth! -- Fred Van Lente Day at the CSBG blog, and this year the holiday was celebrated with a live chat with me and the readers. Check out the transcript here! Also, CSBG added a special tag for its FVLD stories, so you can browse the whole archive here.

11.05.2008 MTV News

As part of a look at the comic book industry's reaction to this historic U.S. election, I tell Laura Hudson about my phone-banking for Barack Obama. But only because she asked.

10.28.2008 Indie Spinner Rack

Almost in time for the election, I talk the history of Politics in Comics with Charlito and Mr. Phil in context of Comic Book Comics!

10.08.2008 Publisher's Weekly

I'm proud to be working with international besteseller Dean Koontz on his next Odd Thomas graphic novel for Del Rey!

09.18.2008 Cindy Center

Great podcast with Chris Shields where his LISTENERS asked me the questions -- and they came up with some great ones!

09.15.2008 Comic Related: Why I Love Comics

A great, career-spanning interview with Eric Ratcliffe.

09.12.2008 Newsarama Video

Pete from the great comics vidcast The Stack interviews me at the San Diego Comic Con! Here's Part One and here's Part Two! (And yes, I know the wonderful artist of Marvel Zombies 3 is actually Kev Walker. I was tired. Sorry, dude.)

09.09.2008 I take over Comic Book Resources (for some reason)

The terrific Comic Book Resources news site has a blizzard of articles about my recent projects, inlcuding the upcoming arc in Incredible Hercules by me and Greg Pak, an in-depth interview on the Oct. 1-shipping Marvel Zombies 3 (along with an EXCLUSIVE look at zombie legend Arthur Suydam's variant cover), and, last but certainly not least, they have exclusive coverage of me and Dennis Calero's upcoming mystery series, X Men Noir!

08.27.2008 Rocketship

One good turn deserves another, I guess -- Alex Cox of my L.C.S., Rocketship, engages in a great, career-spanning, philosophcial interview with me! Cross-posted at Comics Should Be Good.

08.21.2008 Blog@Newsarama

How much do I love my local comics shop, Rocketship? I made it the subject of my guest blogger spot as part of Blog@Newsarama's "I [Heart] Comics" series!

08.19.2008 X-Position

Jeff Parker and I had so much fun the last time we're back to trade wisecracks and hype about (his) X-Men First Class and (my) Wolverine First Class ... and respond to creator Robert Kirkman's vidcast manifesto, at least it relates to Marvel's All-Ages output...

06.16.08 The Hollywood Reporter

Robert Downey, Jr. is in negotiations to saddle up, strap on his ray-guns, and star in the big-screen adaptation of Cowboys & Aliens! Yee-haw!

05.31.2008 The Zombies That Ate Philadelphia

Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, announced I'll be writing Marvel Zombies 3 at his "Cup o' Joe" panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, and check out the blizzard of press that ensued: Interviews at Newsarama, CBR, and IGN!

04.20.2008 New York Comic Con

One of the highlights of this year's NYCC was when Greg Pak and I got to meet that other great Hercules writer, Bob Layton. We both thrilled to his Prince of Power mini-series as a kid, were delighted when he was able to draw a sequence in the upcoming Hulk vs. Hercules, and I think fans of his Herc are about to be very happy, very soon...

04.17.2008 Newsarama: Damn Dirty Skrulls!

I tell all I can about Skrulls vs. Power Pack ... and hint at what the future could hold for Marvel's premiere kids super-team!

04.16.2008 X-Position: First Class!

Jeff Parker and I take turns answering questions about each other's books, X-Men: First Class and Wolverine: First Class, respectively, and it is the GREATEST!! INTERVIEW!! EVER!! Seriously, make with the clicky.

03.21.2008 Comic Book Resources: GREEK WEEK!

A five-part look at Incredible Hercules! In Part One, Greg Pak and I discuss Herc's past, and what that might mean for his present. Part Two smashes its way through April's Hulk vs. Herc one shot. Part Three introduces you to our awesome new artist, Rafa Sandoval. Part Four has me and Greg jawin' about Herc's future, which -- in Part Five, is the lowdown on Herc's God Squad and their enemies the Skrull Gods, who throw down in the upcoming Secret Invasion tie-in arc!

03.19.2008 The Iron Man Armory

A great retrospective look at Marvel Adventures Iron Man with the web's premiere Shellhead site! Plus, scripts and my original pitch for the series!

02.27.2008 Ain't It Cool News

At the 4th Annual @$$ie Awards, I was named the "AICN Comic Book Writer to Watch"! Thanks, guys! And the fact it was an awards show co-starring a potty-mouthed monkey and Mephisto made the honor that much sweeter. My mother was so impressed!

02.14.2008 Broken Frontier: Stephane Peru Tribute

The international comic book industry lost one of the good guys this month, when the brilliant colorist of Incredible Hercules and many other fine books, Stephane Peru, passed away at the untimely age of 26. My co-writer, Greg Pak, got together the whole Herc team for a tribute to him and his wonderful work on this series.

02.08.2008 Newsarama: Hulk vs. Herc Interview: Grek Pak & Fred Van Lente


02.01.2008 Comics Nexus Awards 2007

Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 won a 2007 Nexus Best Mini-Series award ... and MODOK himself showed up to deliver his acceptance speech!

01.29.2008 Comic Book Club Incredible Herc VIDEO SPECIAL!

All the kids love YouTube video -- especially when it's video of me and the Pak Man talkin' iHerc at New York City's live Comic Book Club. Watch Part Two (and more) here. And you can listen to the complete audio of our appearance at the Comic Book Club site.

01.29.2008 IGN Incredible Herc Roundtable FOLLOW-UP!

We had so much fun at the first powwow between me, co-writer Greg Pak, artist Khoi Pham and editor Mark Paniccia about the ongoing adventures of the Greek Goliath, IGN came back for a follow-up interview. Check it out by clicking above. Don't forget to check out a great interview with CBR's Dave Richards, by Newsarama's Michael C. Lorah, and a feature by Eric Drumm at!

01.09.2008 Comics in the Classroom

Scott Tingley and I sit down for an in-depth discussion on all things All-Ages!

12.06.2007 Comics Should Be Good

It's that special time of year again at CSBG: Their third annual Fred Van Lente Day! Not only was the Internet visited by three ghosts -- FVL Past, FVL Present, and FVL Future -- but I received the best FVL Day present of all, being named one of the 365 Reasons to Love Comics. Thanks, guys! It was a real honor.

11.11.2007 The New York Times Magazine

The strange, winding trail of Cowboys & Aliens.

10.24.2007 Cable & Tweed

This music blog asked me to do a "Comics Celebrity Playlist" and I did one that's all strange and interesting covers I've picked up over the years. Take a listen!

10.23.2007 New Warriors Continuity Conundrum

The early scoop on Power Pack: Day One!

10.03.2007 SVTU: MODOK's 11 News Roundup

MODOK himself interviews me, artist Francis Portela and letterer Nate Piekos at Newsarama about our series Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 -- plus, terrific interviews at The Pulse, Jazma Online and The Comic Book Gazette!

08.13.2007 Sequential Tart

I get asked 13 Questions as part of S.T.'s regular column -- check it out, it's funny stuff ... defintiely questions I wasn't expecting...

07.18.2007 Wizard

Count down with Wizard the days until the premiere of Super-Villain Team-Up with 11 Days of M.O.D.O.K.'s 11! Day One: The Kickoff | Day Two: Editor Mark Paniccia interview | Day Three: MODOK, Puma, Mentallo profiles | Day Four: An interview with writer Fred Van Lente (That's me!) | Day Five: Comparing the MODOK's 11 and Ocean's 11 teams | Day Six: Profiles of Armadillo, Chameleon, and Nightshade | Day Seven: Interview with and sketchbook of artist Francis Portela | Day Eight: Profiles of Living Laser, Rocket Racer & Spot | Day Nine: Interview with Cover Artists Eric Powell and Marko Djurdjevic | Day Ten: Greatest Hits of MODOK's team members | Day Eleven: A Contest!

And on top of all that, SVTU: M11 #1 was named Wizard's Book of the Week! Cool beans.

06.20.2007 Variety

Cowboys & Aliens is galloping toward the big screen, courtesy of Dreamworks and Universal!

05.29.2007 Iron Man Adventures News Roundup

Great podcasts from Bullpen Bulletins (Episode #27, beginning time stamp 24:50) and Secret Identity (towards the end), a Newsarama announcement, plus interviews at The Pulse, Broken Frontier and in Advanced Iron #71.

05.23.2007 Indie Comics News

Awesome double-barreled PODCAST interview with me and artist Scott Koblish on our June-debuting martial arts epic from Platinum, The Weapon! Give it a listen already!

05.23.2007 The Pulse

Jen Contino interviews me in a preview of Fantastic Four and Power Pack, along with awesome images from the talented ladies of Gurihiru Studios!

05.11.2007 Comic Book Resources

"No Law & Disorder": Dave Richards gives me the Third Degree about Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11! And I totally cracked!

05.06.2007 Free Comic Book Day signing

Many thanks to the staffs of Jim Hanley's Universe and Rocketship, who made such successes of my signings at their stores for Free Comic Book Day to celebrate the release of FCBD's free Marvel Adventures Three-in-One (one-in-three of which was written by moi). Click on the link above to see photos from the Rocketship event!

05.03.2007 Pro on Pro: The Weapon

Here's something different: penciller Scott Koblish and I interivew each other about our June-debuting martial arts epic from Platinum, The Weapon!

02.28.2007 Newsarama

Who watches the Watchdogs? You will, if you check out this interview with me and Ben Kean about my gritty vigilante OGN that premieres from Platinum today.

02.18.2007 Bullpen Bulletins Episode #20

A podcast interview from me and BB's VinceB focusing on my Marvel Adventures work, with a special preview of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four!

12.06.2006 Comics Should Be Good

It's that special time at year over at CSBG: their second annual Fred Van Lente Day, replete with carols, presents, an interview with the honoree, glad tidings, "Fred"-related comic book trivia and a look at Cowboys & Aliens and Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #22, both of which hit stands today!

11.02.2006 Newsarama

Everyone's Friendly Neighborhood is back in his super-cool black costume in the pages of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man...and who guess who's writing him? Benjamin Ong Pang Kean grills me on Spidey's Back-in-Black All-Ages adventures and other Marvel projects, particularly the much-anticipated Super Villain Team-Up: Modok's 11.

08.23.2006 Bam! Kapow!

Besides having the greatest comics news site name ever, they also have Caleb Mozzocco interviewing me about the latest issue (and readers poll) of ACTION PHILOSOPHERS, as well as giving you the early dope on new projects coming from the Van Lente/Dunlavey brain trust.

12.13.2005 The Land of Frost

At last the truth can be revealed! Alex Ness recommends THE SILENCERS: BLACK KISS to cyberspace for Christmas, and in the process of interviewing me, Steve Ellis, and Moonstone's Joe Gentile about the matter, the story of what really happened with Silencers at Image finally comes out!

12.06.2005 Comics Should Be Good

Normally I don't post links to reviews here, but this blog declared December 6, 2005 to be Fred Van Lente Day, complete with reviews of SILENCERS and ACTION PHILOSOPHERS, as well as Fred Van Lente Day presents and Fred Van Lente Day carols, which was all really flattering. And creepy.

12.06.2005 cIndy Center

A terrific podcast interview on Action Philosophers and upcoming Marvel projects with Chris Shields. It's only ten minutes long, and you can listen to it by downloading the mp3 here.

11.04.2005 Psychjourney

An AUDIO INTERVIEW on ACTION PHILOSOPHERS between me and John Riolo. Click below and listen in...

04.21.2005 The Villager Vol. 74 No. 50

"Sopranos with Superpowers" by Aileen Torres: A wide-ranging article on my work, focusing on super-characers from SILENCERS and SCORPION that are shades of gray.


As part of a bevy of interviews on the teen-friendly MARVEL NEXT line, Peter Bangs gives me the Second Degree on SCORPION/AMAZING FANTASY.

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